Ka Sundance is an author, youtuber, entrepreneur and lifestyle business coach. We had the pleasure of having Ka speak at Awesomeness Fest Thailand 2014. Below, Ka shares his experiences of Awesomeness Fest.

“Awesomeness Fest, quite honestly and frankly, transformed my life. I live as a different person than I was some days ago. It just helped me to dream that much bigger and greater than I ever dreamt before. I can honestly say that this possibly has been the most amazing 3 days that I have ever experienced in this body. This was the biggest transformational experience, for me, as a speaker. This was the first time I was speaking on stage here at Awesomeness Fest and it made me realize that this is what I’m born to do. The crowd is such an awesome crowd, so supportive and just awesome. I felt so supported and secure. It [the experience] helped me open up and become so vulnerable that I almost cried on stage. I can’t be thankful enough for having this experience being presented to me. Come here [to Awesomeness Fest] and expect a total transformation. The most epic experience you could ever dream of. This is what you’re going to get; you will meet awesome people and you’re going to have awesome speakers giving totally new mind-blowing ideas that will help you to transform as a human being to a totally new, not even expected, or dreamt of level.” – Ka Sundance

Source: The AwesomenessFest Blog