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3 Things I’ve Learned From 10 days Fasting And Silence

  • Jan 23, 2017
3 Things I’ve Learned From 10 days Fasting And Silence

You might have noticed how my year 2017 started and are seriously wondering why! 

I went to this Buddhist silence retreat all by myself, where I was also fasting for the entire time.

“Whaaaat?? But why?” you’re probably asking right now.

Why would you go into a cold concrete cell without a mattress voluntarily, and submit yourself to a super strict timetable from 4am in the morning until 9pm at night, which forces you to sit completely still, cross-legged in one spot for the entire day?

And why on top of all, would you take a vow of silence, fast for the entire time and give up any contact to the outside world (which includes books, music, movies, internet and computers)??

Sounds pretty strange, huh?

Let me tell you why I did that:

On the one hand, to really calm down, to better understand myself and to gain new deeper insights. But to be really honest, I also did it to prepare for my death.

The inconvenient truth that we try to escape from as much as we can, is:

Everything will be taken away from us. All our belongings, all of the beloved people in our life, our precious health, and finally our body.

We are all going to die. Every single one of us, without any exceptions.

If we can accept this fact and understand that this could literally happen every single day, our perspective changes dramatically!

Suddenly we will come to realize that our dreams cannot wait, that our life has to be lived TODAY and that we have to reconcile with loved ones and our family in order to find peace.

I hope you put aside some time to watch this very special video where I talk about all that and a lot more, to give you the uncensored version of all the experiences I was able to gain during my retreat, so you can obtain clear tools that will help you make your life more beautiful.

You'll notice I am speaking unusually slow in this video, I recorded it right after breaking my silence, after I had not eaten anything for 14 days and had not been sleeping for more than 2 hours each night, due to the high-energy levels I had acquired. Have patience, forgive me for my slowness and embrace what I share with you.