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5 Tips To Follow Your Heart - Even If Nobody Supports You

  • Jul 29, 2016
5 Tips To Follow Your Heart - Even If Nobody Supports You

Hi guys, here's another video from Ka, and I just wanted to jump in and summarize and share some thoughts with you!

It's been a few weeks since our last video, and as a family we've been getting accustomed to life with our new baby girl Sofia. In among the diapers and the feeding we've also been able to spend some really awesome quality family time together and just enjoy the summer sun here in Germany.

Ka wanted to send a little inspiration your way, so this video is for anyone looking to become a digital nomad and do what they love online, which is a subject we're both very passionate about.

So he has 5 tips for you to follow, and I'm going to summarize them here, and really this is aimed at you if you feel your family and / or friends aren't supportive of your decisions to make the changes in your life that you need and deserve.

We say that if you truly follow your inner voice and do what feels like the right thing to do, very often families and friends won't be supportive of this. Here's how you can stand your ground and follow your heart!

1 - Understand that people who don't have any experience or personal insight with what you're looking to achieve or want to do in your life, have no place to give you advice, and you have every right to ignore it.

2 - It's okay for people to disagree with you - you don't have to go around convincing anyone that you're doing the right thing for you. Sometimes we have to walk a new path alone.

3 - Always connect with your source. Be passionate about what you want to share with the world, because that's when you'll start to make a difference. Turn that into a business and you'll turn your passion into an income.

4 - You have the right to stand out and be different, and do whatever makes you happy. You don't have to fit inside a box - be colorful, be you!

5 - Find the strength you need within yourself. Your courage and drive to succeed at whatever you want to do comes from within you - it's not given to you by other people, and when you take it for yourself, nobody else can take credit for your accomplishments.

Do your thing, do something that matters and change the world!

Love and Sunshine,

This video is for anyone looking to become a #digitalnomad & do what they love online. http://bit.ly/2awm3uo

Posted by The Sundancefamily on Friday, July 29, 2016