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Can Moving To Costa Rica Really Make You Healthier?

  • Apr 15, 2016
Can Moving To Costa Rica Really Make You Healthier?

One of the things we truly believe in when it comes to abundant life, is good health. We eat a great deal of fresh fruits and vegetables, and natural whole foods, we exercise and when we're in Costa Rica we love to meditate, swim daily, and do Yoga. It's the perfect place to take really good care of yourself and your family.

This isn't just us though - travelers to the Central American nation of Costa Rica have long reported numerous benefits associated with spending time in this well situated and very well regarded land. Out of all the beneficial effects that world travelers associate with Costa Rica, perhaps the most remarkable is the uniquely healthy climate. Indeed, many Western world people who are sick, tired, stressed out and over worked have come to Costa Rica in search of the conditions to restore their physical health, and they haven't been disappointed. So, what is it about Costa Rica that allows it to bestow this rare and much sought after quality?

Costa Rica Has One of the Sunniest Climates

No matter where you go in Costa Rica, the sun follows you like a faithful friend! Situated as it is between the twin coasts of the Pacific and the Caribbean, this tranquil Central American nation boasts some of the most beautiful beach landscapes that can be found on Earth. Indeed, the combination of sunshine and warmth has even been shown to have beneficial effects on arthritis (you can Google that and find loads of information on it), not to mention the constant exposure to these life giving rays of sunshine improves your mood and overall feeling of vitality too.

Who doesn't feel good in warm sunshine, right?

Costa Rica Is One of the Most Stress Free Places

Visitors who are searching for a stress free environment have long reported that the nation of Costa Rica is a true haven. From the cloud forest of the Monteverde to the many miles of Caribbean and Pacific coastline, the natural beauty of this Central American paradise goes hand-in-hand with the relaxed, welcoming disposition of the natives themselves. Costa Rica is truly one of the happiest places on the planet. Just looking out at the sun setting on the horizon behind the ocean can put your world in a whole new perspective.

Costa Rica Boasts Some of the Healthiest Food

Due to the extraordinary climate, Costa Rica is naturally a haven for beautifully fresh fruits and vegetables. Visitors who come to this nation will find a host of healthy fruit and vegetable menu choices spanning through almost anything they can imagine, and for those who are seeking a natural alternative to the unhealthy GMO-filled foods that plague American supermarkets, the fresh vitality of the "natural" Costa Rican cuisine (we admit, there's another kind which isn't so healthy) will come as a very sweet surprise indeed.

This is an older video, but we hope it introduces you to the kind of gorgeous fresh foods you can find here.

Costa Rica Has a Wealth of Opportunities for Outdoor Activity

As a country that boasts some of the finest Caribbean and Pacific coastlines to be found anywhere on Earth (and we swim daily which is so awesome), Costa Rica offers a rich source of fun and healthy outdoor activities. From zip lining, hunting, fishing, kayaking, camping and diving, to water skiing, power boating, hiking, running, and just relaxing in the sun, visitors will find a wealth of outdoor pursuits that will invariably revitalize their bodies and boost their spirits - sounds pretty good huh :-)

Costa Rica Has One of the Least Polluted Environments

This is a huge one for us, as we're really into green sustainable living in a big way - perhaps fittingly for a place that has seen very little of the rampant industrialization and over-development that blights much of the "civilized" world, Costa Rica is still one of the healthiest, least polluted places in the world. Travelers to this magical Central American habitat can wander for days through scenic beaches and cloud forests without ever coming across the noise and pollution of the world they so recently left behind. For visitors who are weary of the rat race, Costa Rica is quite literally a dream come true...

What is it about Costa Rica that allows it to bestow this rare and much sought after quality? #purevida http://bit.ly/1SklZje

Posted by The Sundancefamily on Friday, April 15, 2016