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Do You Also Want To Live In An Alternative Community Filled With Like-Minded People?

  • Dec 24, 2016
Do You Also Want To Live In An Alternative Community Filled With Like-Minded People?

Loneliness in the past has caused us a lot of suffering. 

You have to understand: we were always so very different from other people and families.

If you remember we started going on a raw food diet with our kids back in 2004 and doing Unschooling was also another big topic for us around that time.

We have been traveling the world since the 90’s and we started our online business back in 2008, when most people had not even heard of platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

All these topics were not really understood by the people who were around us. They thought we were crazy. This has really shaped us and was one of the reasons, why we so badly wanted to create our own online community, which we did.

In the winter of 2016/2017, this work showed up in real life, not just online.

From August 2016, up until late spring of 2017, over 200 people (more than 100 kids!) decided to spend the winter together on a secluded island in the gulf of Thailand.

And we were right there in the middle!

Finally our work, which had been done solely through the internet, turned very tangible and real. It was just so nice to see so many alternative families in one spot over such a long period of time, experiencing adventures together.

So, if you are also tired of doing it all alone, then come join our DoWhatYouLove-movement and allow yourself more fun in life.

The best way to start, is by taking a look at our Facebook Group right away, as it is the heart of our community: 

Check it out here:



I look forward to seeing you on Facebook!