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Juicing And Smoothies, A Buyer’s Guide (Part 2)

  • Feb 28, 2016
Juicing And Smoothies, A Buyer’s Guide (Part 2)

In my last post I talked about the differences between Juicing and Blending, or in other words, making fresh juices, or smoothies. In this post we’re going to look at the different appliances that you can use to create these amazing, magical, natural potions for health and vitality. We love to use our Vitamix, which I’ll talk about in a moment, but there are lots you can choose from to get you started. 

So as you know, vibrant health is about getting back to basics and this means including fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables in a big way. Cooking fruits and vegetables breaks down the nutrients and as a result some degree of nutritional value is inherently lost in the process, so even if you do eat cooked foods, it’s still best to include raw as well, and what better way than to juice or blend them! By juicing raw fruits and vegetables none of the nutritional value is lost.

There are an array of appliances available but we're going to focus in on a few that come highly recommended for juicing and smoothies. As with anything though, it important to review each appliance specification before you purchase, so you can be absolutely sure you get the right one for you. The following product reviews can help you make a more educated decision about which appliance suits you best!

The Nutribullet

The Nutribullet is one of the most popular appliances for creating amazingly healthy smoothies. It's recommended by David Wolfe, a virtual health guru and proponent of super foods that directly link to nature. His boundless enthusiasm for generating a regimen of good health and eating well is truly infectious and his message helps people to understand how simple it is to enjoy healthful foods.

The Nutribullet began as one of the "As Seen on TV" products that rapidly expanded in popularity because of its specialized design, high quality manufacture and ease of use. Its compact size and high powered extraction processing are major features of this appliance and it over delivers in every way. The Nutribullet is available in several models:

  • The Original Nutribullet
  • The Nutribullet Pro
  • The Nutribullet Rx

The Original Nutribullet offers 600 watts of power, 18 and 24 ounce capacities, manages five servings of fruits and vegetables per Nutriblast and includes a 50-page recipe book. It's available in blue, red and gray. Your first thought is that it may be underpowered but that would be far from the reality of the situation. It processes almost anything you put into it brilliantly well, obviously within reason of course. There's also 2 blending attachments, one for smoothies and another for dry seeds, like flax seed for example. It blends these to perfection and ever so quickly, in a way that most traditional blenders could never compare. As for the smoothies, don't forget to check out that recipe book for a better understanding of what to add, particularly in the ratios involved with fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and superfoods!

The Nutribullet Pro has a sleek copper finish and offers 900 watts of power. It also provides seven servings per Nutriblasts and 18, 24 and 32 ounce cup capacity and a "Flip Top To-Go Lid." Also included is a 130 page recipe book.

The Nutribullet Rx is available in black and has 1700 watts of power. It has a 30 and 45 ounce cup capacity and handles 12 servings per Nutriblast. The 150+ page recipe book is included.

Choose a Nutribullet according to the volume of smoothies to be prepared on a daily basis (and according to your budget too!) For more information their website is at Nutribullet.com

Centrifugal and Masticating Juicers

Centrifugal and masticating juicers are recommended by Joe Cross, the famous Australian wellness advocate who filmed his own 60-day juice fast in "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" - a brilliant documentary by any standard, which clearly showed that juicing can change someone's life and in some situations, even give someone a second chance at a new life too.

The masticating juicer has one or two twin gear augers that chew through fruits and vegetables. It's generally recommended for green, leafy vegetables and for making banana bases for ice cream and it can create delicious nut milks too. It may take up to five minutes in the juicing process and overall it produces a drier pulp. Also, it's important to note that you need to cut fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces before starting to juice to keep it from getting clogged while processing.

The Centrifugal juicer, as recommended by Joe Cross, processes foods through a spinning blade and it juices really fast, usually in seconds as you drop the fruit / veg in the top and push it gently down in the feeder. It can be used with most fruits and vegetables, although obviously vegetables like avocados aren't going to juice well! It isn't as efficient with leafy vegetables as the masticating version and has a louder processing operation too, but that's not an issue for most people.

If you're going to be making more than 1-2 liters a day (this takes a lot of cucumbers, apples, carrots - and pretty much anything else that comes to mind that's juice-able), it's highly advisable to pay for a higher end model (usually $100 and up) for the added power, larger feeder, better quality parts, easier cleaning etc. Also, the higher end models tend to be more efficient in the extraction process too. For more details on masticating and centrifugal juicers check out reboot with Joe.


Now onto my favorite! The VitaMix was created in 1939 to help families eat healthier by eating more whole foods. Their machines are long lasting, durable, practical and the responsive controls allow you to prepare a wide range of textures, from perfectly smooth smoothies to chunky mixtures. You can adjust the texture to your precise taste preference.

Essentially, if you're looking to truly release the flavors within ingredients and marry them together in blends that are almost unimaginable taste sensations, the VitaMix can consistently blend your ingredients in ways that everyone will love!

There are several models of the VitaMix appliance which include the S-Series: Personal Blenders, C-Series: Classic Blenders and G-Series: Next Generation option with even more powerful motors and cutting-edge designs. Furthermore, with a price tag of approximately $250 to a little over $700 every model is bargain when you consider the absolute joy it can bring into your life, and what it can do for your family's health and wellbeing too.

It's highly recommended by Kris Carr, a New York Times and best selling author of books on wellness. She's also a highly recognized wellness activist and cancer survivor who has documented her experiences with her very unconventional recovery. Kris's message is truly inspirational! For more information, check out her post on how to make a green smoothie.

Vibrant #health is about getting back to basics & this means including fresh, organically grown fruits & vegetables. http://bit.ly/1RoLOId

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