Ka and Katie Sundance and their 6 children are The SundanceFamily. Originally from Germany, they've now established a home base in Costa Rica for their world travels. Their fundamental aim is to show new and aspiring business owners, coaches and artists, how to transform their lives AND businesses to manifest more purpose, abundance and freedom!

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5% of the earnings go to OroVerde

Through our support of The SundanceFamily, the rainforest foundation named OroVerde has been able to reforest the Amazon Rainforest. So far our students have helped us with their purchases to plant thousands of ..

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Business Club Stuttgart

Ka Sundance attends and speaks at the Business Club Stuttgart, Schloss Solitude ..

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Awesomeness Fest 2014

Ka Sundance is an author, youtuber, entrepreneur and lifestyle business coach. We had the pleasure of having Ka speak at Awesomeness Fest Thailand 2014. Below, Ka shares his experiences of Awesomeness Fest. “Awe..

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[ENGLISH] Citizens Of The World - Jupital

The SundanceFamily is interviewed about the impact travel is having on their children and the life lessons they have learned along the way.

Source: Jupital



Source: CNBC

[GERMAN] A Digital Globetrotter - Göppinger Kreisnachrichten + Schwäbischen Tagblatt + Südwest Presse

An article about Ka Sundance’s life and his origins in Baden-Wuerttemberg written by Oliver Schmale and published in three different local newspapers.

Source: Göppinger Kreisnachrichten + Schwäbischen Tagblatt + Südwest Presse 31.07.2015 

[GERMAN] A Digital Nomads Life - Stuttgarter Zeitung

Daniela Eberhardt from the Stuttgarter Zeitung writes in her article about Ka Sundance’s life as a digital nomad and his family.

Source: Stuttgarter Zeitung

[GERMAN] A World Tour Lasting 20 Years - N24
[GERMAN] A World Trip With 5 Children - Die Welt
[GERMAN] Alternative Lifestyles The SundanceFamily - Wir Eltern

An article about alternative lifestyles featuring The Sundance Family

Source: Wireltern

[GERMAN] How To Turn Your Dreams Into Business - Stuttgarter Nachrichten

Uwe Bogen from the newspaper “Stuttgarter Nachrichten” met Ka Sundance during his “home leave” and wrote about the SundanceFamily’s dream that turned into a serious online business.

Source: Stuttgarter Nachrichten


Ka was interviewed by Marcus Meurer (initiator of the DNX movement) as part of his LIFE HACKZ podcast.

Quelle: LIFE HACKZ Podcast

[GERMAN] On A World Trip With The Family

If you have children, travelling for the holidays can sometimes be a bit strenuous, at least some people say, and then there are others like Katie and Ka Sundance from Stuttgart that have children between two and 15 years that are on a permanent holiday - and enjoy every day.

Source: MDR Jump


[GERMAN] On The Road Since 2006 - NEWS

A photo and a short family bio of the SundanceFamily

Source: NEWS


[GERMAN] Sundance Family on the road since 2010 - LEA, issue 26, 21.06.16

An article from a German magazine highlighting the alternative lifestyle of the SundanceFamily as digital nomads.

Source: Lea

[GERMAN] The Dream of a Better Life - Welt Vegan Magazin

This article, written by Katie Sundance herself, depicts her dream of a location-independent, carefree family life and how this dream came true.


[GERMAN] The SundanceFamily - Bayern 3

Source: Bayern 3

[GERMAN] The SundanceFamily On The Road - SWR4 Kultur Sonntag

This radio report describes the nomadic and digitalized lifestyle of the SundanceFamily within the realms of the holiday season in the south of Germany.

Source: SWR4 Kultur Sonntag

[GERMAN] They Are At Home Everywhere - Traveling The World With 6 Kids For 7 Years

Even these stories of The SundanceFamily exist: In this article the "Neue Post" mentions an interview with Ka that has never happened.

Source: Neue Post

[GERMAN] Trademark: An Ugly Red Hat

This is an article about Ka's life and the new book of The SundanceFamily written by Daniela Körner.

Source: Badisches Tagblatt No. 127, 3 JUN 2017